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POND | Starke, FL

The project consists of upgrade and expansion of an existing Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) facility into a CACTF following the most recent Huntsville standard range layout for CACTFs.  The CACTF is a training facility design to conduct multi-echelon, full-spectrum operations training up to battalion task force (TF) level.  Situational Training Exercise (STX) and support and stability operations tasks are provided to assist the company and platoon units in developing training plans.  The leader or commander is provided with a CACTF to evaluate unit urban operations proficiency.  The CACTF is intended to support blank fire, Multi-Integrated Laser Engagement Marking System (SESAMS), STX and Field Training Exercise (FTX) scenarios on a semiannual basis.  The CACTF supports branch-specific lane training and combined arms training up to battalion level across the full spectrum of the following operations: offense, defense, stability, and support.

The project scope of work completed the following components: Retrofit existing buildings for power and data for targetry and communications and new construction.  New facilities:  Range Operations and Control Area (ROCA) – Range Operations Center (ROC), After Action Review (AAR) and Latrine functions in one building; Operations/Storage building; Covered Mess; Bleacher Enclosure.  Additional Training Buildings consists of a Police Station, (3) Businesses, (8) Residences with courtyards and fencing, School, Warehouse/Market Building, Church with Cemetery, Soccer Field and Power Station. The design consisted of a combination of reinforced concrete and reinforced concrete masonry for a majority of the buildings and two pre-engineered metal buildings for the operations/storage building, covered mess and bleacher enclosure. The foundations for all structures were shallow continuous footings.  The roof structures utilized a combination of light-gage roof trusses or reinforced concrete.

$1.3M total design fees

Military Vertical Design
Construction Phase Services-review of shop drawing submittals and site visits during construction
Design Concepts/Standards
New Construction/Vertical
Alterations of Facilities
Computer Aided Drafting Design Reviews
Pre-design Site Assessment
Value Engineering
TFP, UFAS, UFGS, UFC, Criteria, Codes and eStandards
Military Installation
Environmental Permitting